Yocasta Fareri is an award-winning New York interior designer, renowned  for creating an impressive array of projects: Commercial, residential,  theatrical sets and product designs.  In recognition of her outstanding  work, she was a recipient of the Grolla D’Oro international award. For over  thirty years, Mrs. Fareri has lived and worked in various European  countries: England, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. She is fluent  in English, Spanish and French.  Her design style has been described as an eclectic blend, reflecting her  diverse background and exposure to myriad cultures and influences.  Her  company, Yocasta Fareri Interior Design, offers a full interior design service  and she always aims to incorporate a touch of individuality to each and every project.  Her creations  are often featured in leading publications.  Some of her work is designed by implementing the  principles of Feng Shui – the ancient Chinese art of placement discipline.   Mrs. Fareri was the creative director of Theresienthal GmbH, a Bavarian crystal manufacturing firm founded in 1421 – held to be he oldest crystal makers still in existence – for whom she designed a striking collection of table top crystals and accessories.  She has also been a magazine contributing writer for: Elle Deco (Japan), Feng Shui for Modern Living (UK) and SwissWORLD-Handels Zeitung and Crosstalk (Switzerland). Yocasta Fareri is also the author of a new novel titled “Our Last Carnival”- a family saga spanning half a century, which begins with the 1952 escape of a family fleeing from the clutches of Dominican Republic dictator, Rafael Trujillo, causing a chain of events that will alter the family’s life forever.  At present Mrs. Fareri divides her time between Europe and the USA, designing  projects for her international clientele. 
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